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Beta version


The version of our website currently in use is a Beta, therefore, it may be subject to delays or other


Furthermore, our Beta is only part of our ideas, of our thinking and of our operating philosophy. The Alfa version, as well as to contain significant graphical changes, will broaden the spectrum of possible experiences within the site, and will introduce substantial changes to the operational possibilities offered to our users. Later we will launch our APP for smartphones and tablets to make way to expand our audience the most faithful as possible. All sections will then be translated into other languages and adapted to different national and local contexts in order to offer all users a true look multinational sull’eterogeneo world of work and enterprise.

The beta version, in computer science, is a pre-release version of a software, but already tested by the experts, which is made available to a larger number of users, trusting in their own unpredictable actions that could lead to new bugs or incompatibilities of light software itself

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