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Everything you need to know to use 55 crowdfunding platforms

Ideas are not enough. Need funding to make it a business. A new opportunity is raising money online. But how to get around? Here is a list of the main Italian platforms with contacts to reach them, the rules of operation and the “specializations”


edited by John Desando
The very idea is not enough. To transform a startup in real business need funding. One of the most used technology startups, and beyond, to find them is crowdfunding, fundraising online.

But how to get around, where to go, what to look for in your network when you decide to take this away? Rejoining the processed data from the research “The Italian Startup Ecosystem: Who’s Who” promoted by Italy startups and conducted by observers of the Politecnico di Milano, has compiled a list of the main platforms of crowdfunding in Italy, explaining what to occupy and entering addresses and useful information.

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Crowdfunding platforms list includes 55 platforms and is divided according to the different types of funding: reward based (fundraiser who, in return for cash donations, provides for a reward, as the product for which you are making the funding or recognition, as the public thanks on the site of the new enterprise), donation based (model used mainly by nonprofit organizations to finance non-profit initiatives) , lending based (micro-loans to persons or businesses), equity based (regulated by Consob model: in Exchange for the lender’s are expected to finance paid share capital of the company, thus becoming Member in all respects), hybrid (based on multiple financial arrangements).

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Reward-BASED (20 platforms)

Eppela. “Through crowdfunding to any creative or would-be startups the future is precluded”: this is the mission of Eppela. The projects to be financed spanning several fields: from art to nonprofits, from cinema to social innovation, from technology to music and comics.
Information. Location: Piazza dei Servi 11, Lucca. Tel: 0583492768

Microcreditartistique. Is a platform that focuses exclusively on contemporary art.
Information. Venue: via Troi de Gejia, 1 Moena (Trento). E-mail: Tel: 0462573030

Be Crowdy. Crowdfunding platform for cultural and artistic projects. Allows artists and promoters to propose their own projects and finance them by the help from the community.
Information. Based in Parma in Strada Naviglio Alto, 4/1. Email:

Com-Unity. Bank-owned Interprovincial crowdfunding Spa portal, which aims to give an opportunity to those who have an idea and plan to achieve it, making the best use of the possibilities offered by the network and the world of social networks.
Information. Venue: via Emilia Est 107, Modena. Tel: 0592932100

Kendoo. Crowdfunding platform dedicated to web projects, news, social media, mobile, ecommerce.
Information. Registered office: Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 118. E-mail:; Tel: 035386111

Musikstarter. Platform exclusively for music projects: from fundraising for concerts, festivals, video clips, to the creation and promotion of discs.
Information. Location: Piazza Duomo, Milan 16.

Limoney. “Transform people’s ideas into reality. With the help of all “. This is the goal of the fundraising Limoney platform destined to different projects.
Information. Registered office: Via Giacomo Leopardi 7, Milan. Email:

Finance me your future. Local crowdfunding platform that aims to revitalize the local economy through innovative projects from the territory.
Information. Venue: Via Gandhi 14, Locorotondo (Bari). E-mail:; Tel: 0804312980

Schoolraising. The school discovered the crowdfunding. Goal of this platform is to raise funding for school projects that cannot be made because of the budget cuts of the institutes.
Information. Venue: Via Jordan 21, Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan).

Lovers of culture. Is the first portal dedicated to the promotion of Italian culture in crowdfunding.
Information. Venue Piazza Vittorio Veneto 21, Turin.

BookaBook. Platform dedicated exclusively to books, where readers and writers can realize and finance together unpublished books.
Information. Address: Via dei Mille 20, Milan.

For ITALY. Platform dedicated to raising funds for projects in the Italian culture.
Information. Venue: Via Santa Orsola 5, Milan.

Gigfarm. Crowdfunding platform dedicated to live concerts. The Portal allows artists and promoters to get in touch directly with their audiences, releasing musical project and proposing it to the people of the network, which will evaluate the value to decide whether or not to finance it.
Information. Address: Via della Farnesina 52/54, Rome.

Giffoni Innovation Hub. Platform dedicated to cultural and artistic and cultural works startups.
Information. Venue: Via Giovanni Paolo II 100, Fisciano (Salerno). Email:

Municipality. “Crowd is our mood. Funding and sourcing our means. ” That’s the motto of this local, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform dedicated to associations and social cooperatives based in Puglia.
Information. Registered office: Viale di Vittorio 70, Cerignola (Foggia). E-mail:; Tel: 331 2294680

Vizibol. Platform dedicated to creative projects and, in particular, to ideas and projects related to the Visual Arts and Visual scope of creativity.
Information. Venue: Via Aldo Bartocci 12, Terni. Email:

WeRealize. Private platform to design projects. Allows designers and makers to seek funds online to implement innovative projects and limited series. Information. Address: Via Circonvallazione Est 221, Marano sul Panaro (Modena). E-mail:; Tel: 3397887620

Wowcracy. Platform dedicated to projects.
Information. Location: Piazza Duomo, Milan. Email:

Commoon. Portal dedicated to raising funds for projects on social design and sustainable innovation.
Information. Address: Via Di Donna Olimpia 30, Rome. Email: Turn an idea into reality, between inspiration and practical tools. This is the aim of this crowdfunding platform that also offers services such as scouting, mentoring, management support.
Information. Location: Vicenza via Guglielmo Marconi 3, Vicenza. Tel: 0445575870


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Starsup. Was the first equity-approved by Consob crowdfunding for online collection of venture capital by innovative startups. Aims to bring together interesting ideas and people willing to support them financially.
Information. Address: via Giovanni Marradi 14, Livorno. E-mail: Tel: 0586815043

Unicaseed. Unicasim platform, brokerage companies, which through equity crowdfunding wants to give value to innovative ideas.
Information. Venue: mooselookmeguntic 2, Genoa. E-mail:; Tel: 0103693148

Siamosoci. Close the gap between business, research and finance by facilitating the contribution of resources towards innovative entrepreneurship. This is the goal of Siamosoci, social investing platform.
Information. Location: Piazza IV novembre 7, Milan. E-mail:; Tel: 02.92852106 Equity crowdfunding platform whose motto is “to innovate, invest, grow.”
Information. Venue: via Legnano 28, Milan. Email:

Assiteca crowd. Equity crowdfunding portal which acts as “an innovative platform aimed at investors attentive to new methods of investing in the markets.”
Information. Venue: Via Briantea 7, Milan. E-mail:; Tel: 031303514

Startzai. It’s a new entry among equity crowdfunding platforms, entered in the register by Consob in February 2015. Venue: Via Primo Maggio 156, Ancona. E-mail:; Tel: 3289286417.

Realized. Sustainability, innovation and social gathering. These are the values to be promoted according to high value projects Realized, innovative platform dedicated to energy and environment sector.
Information. Venue: via 3 Stradivarius, Milano. Email:

Equinvest. “The new marketplace which connects innovative startups that need to raise capital, and investors, both retail and professional, potentially interested in investing in high-yield companies”: here is the presentation of this online venture capital platform.
Information. Location: Piazza del Popolo, Roma 3. E-mail:; Tel: 06 92943542

Muum Lab. Is the first portal of equity crowdfunding sur, dedicated to projects related to energy, agro-industry, information technology, real estate.
Information. Venue: Via Risorgimento 8 Molfettesi Patriots, Molfetta (Bari).

Next Equity Crowdfunding Brands. First equity crowdfunding platform in Le Marche, born through an agreement with the University of Camerino to help innovative ideas born within and outside the University.
Information. Address: Via Silvio Pellico 8, Civitanova Marche (Macerata).

Smarthub. “When talent meets opportunity is always something extraordinary”: this is the slogan of the milanese platform.
Information. Venue: Via Ciovassino 3/A, Milan.

The Ing Project. The Ing Project Srl has launched Tip Ventures, venture capital fundraising portal, which is actually double face: the first form of collecting reward-based (money in Exchange for freebies), joined the financing behind acquisition of shares.
Information. Address: via Vittorio Emanuele II 85 Brescia.

We are starting. Equity crowdfunding platform that was founded with the aim of “giving visibility to entrepreneurs with bright ideas, allowing their startups grow and develop, through small investments for everyone”.
Information. Venue: Via Giorgio e Guido Paglia 21B, Bergamo.

Fundera. Platform dedicated exclusively to cleantech sector, with the aim of helping to finance startups, projects and initiatives that promote low environmental impact technologies and services.
Information. Address: Via Ugo Bassi 7, Milan. E-mail:

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DONATION BASED (6 platforms)

Let’s donation. “The Profit Profit claims”: this is the slogan of this portal donation based born to fund local, national and international social projects.
Information. Venue: Bologna, via dell’indipendenza 22.

ShinyNote. “ShinyNote was founded with the idea and the way to satisfy the need of individuals to find a shared space of affective and emotional expression”. This is this platform, devoted primarily to charity projects.
Information. Venue: Palazzolo sull’oglio (BS) via Galignani, 25.

Retedeldono. Crowdfunding platform for collecting online donations for projects of social utility designed and managed by nonprofit organizations.
Information. Location: Corso Alessandro Tassoni 31/A, Turin. Email:

Iodono. Is the first website of personal fundraising in Italy. Aims to empower people to donate online and raise money for the ONP and for causes in their closer.
Information. Venue: Via Pindaro 17, Milan. E-mail:; Tel: 3383172020

Leevia. Crowdfunding platform intended for charitable projects sponsored by nonprofit organizations.
Information. Location: Piazza di Centa 7 Trent. Email:

Think About Us. Fundraising platform for cultural and social projects of Piedmont covering four areas: music, theatre, welfare, media.
Information. Venue: Via XX Settembre 31, Turin.

LENDING BASED (2 platforms)

Smartika. Submitted by Forbes among the top 10 social lending platforms in Europe, Smartika allows users to lend money online without banks and financial intermediaries.
Information. Venue: Via Vittoria Colonna 7, Milan. Tel: 0240706132.

Prestiamoci. Is the only Italian startup Financial Bank of Italy authorised as for managing a social lending platform (personal loans from private individuals on the Internet).
Information. Venue: Foro Buonaparte 12, Milan.

HYBRID CARS (13 platforms)

Starteed. Platform that not only launches crowdfunding campaigns (reward and donation) to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their projects but also offers the possibility to sell the product on the same platform. Also provides technology solutions for the option ‘ doityourself ‘ and for creating reward and equity platforms.
Information. Venue: Via Savigliano 6 to Roreto di Cherasco (Cuneo). Email:

Forward. The art on your side. Platform sharing between artists and web communities. Reward funding and lending
Information. Venue: 10 via Panciatichi, Florence. Email:

Proposition. The particularity of this platform is the ability to use social networks to bring together project developers and financiers.
Information. Venue: via Marche 84/A, Macerata. Website:

Funditaly. Crowdfunding cooperative portal that helps who has an idea to make it happen, thanks to the financial support and community. Two funding options: through the model’s reward based (who has supported a project will receive in return a reward) and through campaigns ‘ donation based ‘ (only donations without minimum budget).
Information. Registered office: via Valleggio 63, Vanzone (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola). Email:

TIP Ventures. Platform that allows you to launch both reward based equity based campaigns. Welcomes business projects ranging from web to mobile, from fashion design to the green economy.
Information. Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II 85, Brescia. Email:

Third Value. Platform that allows both individuals and corporations to donate to nonprofit projects without intermediaries, whether to make loans to organizations who then will return with an interest rate agreed. Service created by Banca Prossima, Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. Financing: Donation and social lending.
Information. Venue: Milan in Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10. E-mail:; Tel: 800087878

De Rev. “A leading company in Italy in the market of crowdfunding, participatory democracy and viral communication on social media”. So you define this crowdfunding platform that hosts both fundraising (reward and donation) for innovative startups is collecting signatures for various projects and initiatives.
Information. Location: Naples, via dei Mille 1.

Takeoff crowdfunding. Platform that helps those who have a business idea innovative to realize it with the help of the web and through reward funding and donation.
Information. Venue: via Lasting 39, Milan.

Productions from below. “The crowdfunding platform for financing any form of self-handling, unfiltered and no mediation” is what it says on the site of what is the first crowdfunding platform in Italy, born in 2005. Funding: reward and donation.
Information. Via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28, Milan. Email:

Baighunzai. Is a network of the spirit “ethic”, dedicated to good causes: companies, associations, donors can Fund (in reward form and donation) projects of social value. Information. Registered office: Via a. Righi 15b, Naples. E-mail:; Tel: 1782242817

CrowdfundingItalia. “Donate to support a project or get funds to create your own”: this is the invitation of this generalist crowdfunding platform (finances fit reward and donation).
Information. Location: Piazza Duomo, Milan. Email:

Donordonee. “Community funding Portal” that uses the “gift” to Fund (in reward form and donation) nonprofit projects and to help its members, electing as 6 per day, to realize their own ideas, always in the framework of social utility.
Information. Venue: Via Varese 3, Cesano Maderno (Milan). Email:

Ginger. The name of this platform is an acronym for Managing new ideas and brilliant in Emilia Romagna. And the name speaks volumes. Because the goal is to finance (reward form and donation) innovative projects at local level.
Information. Venue: via Lodovico Berti 2, Bologna. Email:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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