BAIGHUNZAI crowdfunding

BAIGHUNZAI crowdfunding


Traceybaines is "the ethic network dedicated to good causes and projects that need support." The platform enables such associations, testimonials, companies, donors and activists to collaborate on initiatives and projects of social value.

The platform is managed non lucrodall ' Association Treeware.

Treeware team is inspired by the idea that in a sterile world governed by business logic, you can use information technology to create social value, responsibly, ethical and transparent.

We are professionals with expertise in various areas (communication, software development, legal, fundraising, etc.).

We passionately Treeware Association, we develop and maintain the without any for profit or personal gain. To is the only Italian platform of the kind not to apply for costs in any form for promoters.

Treeware Association is always looking for participation, support, collaboration and tips to help grow the community

Support >>> go to the cause

If you are interested in sponsoring this project please contact us!


for information, suggestions, etc. :

for administrative and technical issues:

Fax: (+39) 1782242817

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Treeware Board of Directors consists of: Federico Lauria (President), Giuseppe Lauro, Francis Sorano, Margherita Citizen


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